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Whole person care pathways for MSK conditions

PeerWell supports complete musculoskeletal recovery by providing conservative care and surgery optimization from multi-specialty providers powered by PeerWell technology 

Eliminate fragmented MSK care

pain injury prevention

Dedicated Care Coordinator

Musculoskeletal care is managed
from beginning to end by an assigned care coordinator.

conservative care

Access to Healthcare Specialists

“Right care, right time, right place” care from a wide range of experts like physical therapists, dietitians, & behavioral therapists.


Tech-Enabled Connected Care

Real-time data and progress is monitored on shared provider interface. Virtual care is conveniently delivered in a coordinated fashion.

1 in 2 Americans suffer from a musculoskeletal condition resulting in $213 Billion annual spend in treatment and lost wages.1

health ecosystem

Coordinate whole person musculoskeletal care

Through a multi-specialty care team, we provide a complete MSK recovery. Our robust digital technology delivers content from our five pillars of health and tracks patient progress via insights enabled by PeerWells SMART™ Motion technology.

How do PeerWell care pathways work?

lower risk

1. A care coordinator is assigned

A PeerWell care coordinator schedules an evaluation visit. The patient is enabled with PeerWell technology to monitor progress for their MSK recovery.

overcome lower back pain

2. Connect with specialists

A treatment plan is created and virtual specialist visits are scheduled. Members have access to PT, OT, Dietitians, Behavioral Health experts, and more.


3. Patient receives whole person care

Daily digital programming supports specialty care for the whole person. With real-time data, progress is monitored & managed by their personal care coordinator.

1. “One in two Americans have a musculoskeletal condition”, ScienceDaily,

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