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What is Surgery Optimization and How Much Can It Save You?

With so many parties involved in a patient's medical care—even more so in the event of a work-related MSK disorder, each serves to benefit from a safe and quick return to normal. Enter Surgery optimization, a process built to improve outcomes for patients, employers,...

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The Cost of a Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder

When it comes to workplace injuries, all too often, the methods of prevention are designed around citation-worthy offenses. Highly cited violations like those pertaining to fall protection, machine guarding, and lockout/tagout are easy to spot and failures are likely...

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Treating Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Grocery Industry

With revenues around $682 billion annually, the grocery store and supermarket industry is a massive market employing millions of Americans. Additionally, the grocery industry has seen exponential growth during COVID-19 with grocery store sales spiking 77% in...

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