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Sleep has been called the new sex. Everyone wants it but we cant get enough. We will tell you 5 ways to sleep so effectively that you wake up before your alarm clock.

First let’s start with some education.

What is a body clock?

Your body clock, known as your circadian rhythm determines your sleep wake cycle. Managing your body clock is key to ensuring good sleep. So let’s figure out how to modulate your body clock.

1. Power down

Imagine your body is like a car. Even if you slam on your brakes your car will take some time to stop. In the same way you cannot stop your body immediately. You need to slow down before you can come to rest.

Try to power down screens (phones, computer, tv) at least an hour before sleep time. Sit in a chair (preferably not in your bedroom). Close blinds, screens and lights. Make your significant other stop talking (better said than done, we know). Take deep breaths in the dark and focus on relaxation for 10 minutes.

2. Have good sleep hygiene

When I say sleep hygiene I am not referring to brushing your teeth. What I mean is that you have a relaxing area to sleep that is consistent. Make sure you make your bed. If you wear contacts, take them out. Your sleeping area should be something you look forward to.

Your ability to fall asleep night after night relies on triggers. If you can approach a situation that triggers sleep consistantly you will have a much easier time falling asleep.

3. Regulate your pee

Don’t drink water an hour before you want to go to sleep. Less awakenings means less “trying to go back to sleep” in the middle of the night.

4. Open the blinds

Waking up to light gradually is healthier than be jolted out of sleep by an alarm. The human body was built to wake and sleep with the rising and setting of the sun. Opening the blinds will help your body wake up naturally, without needing to be shocked by an alarm clock. This works by advancing the circadian rhythm, making you more alert in the morning, and helping you fall asleep faster at night.

5. Manipulate your body clock with light

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm. Most people use it to make themselves pass out by taking a high dose >2mg right before going to sleep.

But why buy it when your body already makes it? Bright light in the morning and dim light in the evening shifts melatonin earlier, allowing faster sleep times at night. You may not notice it in the first night or two, but the effects builds over a few days.

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