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Unfortunately, a broken wrist can turn cooking into a nightmare.

From chopping to straining to flipping, the kitchen suddenly turns into a place full of dishes you can’t cook.
As your wrist recovers, you’ve still got to eat! Eating the right foods can even help speed up your recovery. Fortunately, you have tons of no-chop, no-strain recipes to choose from.

Tip: Ask others for help.

Feel comfortable reaching out to your friends, family or colleagues. Asking someone to help you meal prep while your wrist is broken is totally fine. If no one seems available to help with chopping, we’ve still got you covered.

Techniques and tips — Make cooking with a broken wrist simple

So many delicious possibilities!

Below are 8 techniques and tips for easy cooking with a broken wrist.

  1. Food processor to the rescue: Hummus, pureed soup, smoothie and more! If you can pick it up, you can blend it!
  2. Roast things whole: Throw whole sweet potatoes in the oven at 425 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Pumpkin, squash and potatoes can all be cooked whole and make for easy meals.
  3. Use beans: Grab an easy-open can of beans (or cook them yourself in a pressure cooker) and voila! You’re minutes away from a curry, salad or bean dish. Here’s a no-chop chickpea curry and a no-chop vegetable soup. Be sure to choose an easy-open can or cook them yourself, as cans can be a bit tricky after a wrist fracture.
  4. Go pre-chopped or frozen for veggies: No chopping required!
  5. Lentils for days: On top of being amazingly good for you, lentils cook in 20 minutes and require no chopping. Learn how to cook perfect lentils here.
  6. Throw it in a casserole dish: You can’t go wrong with an oven casserole. Here’s a no-chop pot recipe for a tasty white bean, tomato pasta. A word of caution: Be sure to use your good wrist to lift the pan!
  7. Choose no-cook foods: Grab some oatmeal or whole fruit.
  8. Boil it up: Whole grains, legumes and pasta only require boiling. Be sure to use your good wrist to strain water.

Get creative with kitchen tools

While it’s understandably frustrating to cook with a broken wrist, you might have more useful kitchen tools than you realize!

Start by looking at what small appliances and tools you already have. It might also mean dusting off some of those blender attachments you’ve never used!

3 tools to help you cook:
  • Use a one-handed or rocker knife: Can’t give up chopping? This type of knife is designed to be used with just one hand.
  • Grater and slicer attachments for your food processor: Let your processor do the heavy-lifting by slicing vegetables (like potatoes) and even grating veggies or cheese.
  • Use your electric hand mixer for shredding: If you’re able to hold a hand mixer, it can be a powerful tool for shredding cooked chicken breast, pork or brisket to avoid cutting it. These shredded meats are great for stir fries and sandwiches.

Cooking utensil tip: Large, grippy-handed, silicon flippers, tongs, and spatulas offer more stability for one-handed cooking. The OXO brand is mentioned on forums as being a great choice for cooking with a broken wrist.

Opening containers in the kitchen — How to open jars and cans after breaking your wrist

Opening jars and cans is particularly tricky after breaking your wrist. Instead of two hands, now you’ve only got one to use. Never fear! We’ve got some tips.

3 easier ways to open cans, jars and containers:
  • Use your knees: Place the container between your knees.
  • Put your other fingers to work: Hold the container with your pinky, ring and middle and twist with your thumb and middle finger.
  • Add a helpful tool: Place your containers on a non-slip mat. It’s a sure-fire way to make sure your jars or containers stop getting away from you!

Quick, healthy one-handed recipes — What to cook after a wrist fracture

Now that you’re an expert on broken wrist cooking techniques — avoiding chopping, lifting and complex wrist movements — let’s dive into recipes.

Nutrition and more

In addition to eating healthy, nutritious meals to promote faster healing, you’ll benefit from physical therapy and guided daily support.

PeerWell is now offering a complete, Broken Wrist Care program. The Broken Wrist Care program is available entirely from home via your smartphone or tablet.

PeerWell’s Broken Wrist Care program helps you:

  • Be successful and complete physical therapy for broken wrists to heal more fully (before and after a procedure)
  • Identify and fix dangerous risks to prevent future falls around your house with our Trip & Fall Hazard Detector
  • Discover everyday life hacks (like our cooking tips) for a better life with a broken wrist
  • Track your success, outcomes and learn about key red flags to be aware of for a safe, effective recovery
  • Benefit from mindfulness and nutrition advice for a more pleasant, less medicated recovery
  • Meet with health providers – nutritionists, physical therapists, mental health and day-to-day life specialists like occupational therapists – on demand

Enjoy this article? Sign up for PeerWell Health.

You’ll get daily tips, consultations with the health providers, and physical therapy to help you recover more fully from your broken wrist.

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