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PeerWell is proud to announce a new addition to our head-to-toe musculoskeletal care suite — Broken Wrist Care.

Prepare to heal more quickly, stay safe, and enjoy a better recovery with this comprehensive program.

As the time of icy-weather slips and falls fast approaches, we’re launching a new program to keep PeerWell patients ahead of the curve. Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of slip-and-fall related injuries in the United States alone. The winter season sees a huge increase in injuries — slips on stairs, falls on ice, and trips at work. Among the most common, unfortunately, is the wrist fracture.

With our new program, PeerWell is now able to treat the majority of broken wrists — both wrist (distal radius) fractures going a non-surgical route and those being put back into place with plates & screws — from home.

broken wrist program

5 program highlights:

    Physical therapy for broken wrists — before and after procedure — to heal more fully

    • Keep fingers and nearby areas moving. By doing physical therapy patients maintain function and range of motion while their wrist heals.

    Fall hazard scanner to stop falls around the home

    • Prevent future falls with our SMART motion™ tech. Our built-in, proprietary tech helps patients identify and correct fall hazards around their home. By avoiding future falls, they reduce their chances of readmission and reinjury.

    Everyday life hacks for a better life with a broken wrist

    • Learn tips and tricks for broken wrist living. Find out how to cook with a broken wrist with no-chopping recipes, learn how to get dressed, and watch new ways to hold things and perform everyday tasks
    • Discover alternative ways of performing activities. Figure out how to do your daily or future activities to prevent pain and reinjury.

    Outcome tracking & red flag education for a safe, effective recovery

    • Stay alert of red flags. Know what to be on the lookout for post-surgery or post-cast fitting
    • Track your recovery. Follow your pain, wrist mobility, and general well-being and share it with your care team

    Mindfulness and nutrition advice for a more pleasant, less medicated recovery

    • Go beyond the physical and improve your mental health. Beat anxiety, pain and broken wrist blues
    • Eat to heal. Learn how to eat for healing and decreased inflammation

    PeerWell Health helps provide top-quality care for wrist fractures. Learn more about our complete suite of programs today.

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