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Introducing PeerWell’s New SMART Motion™ Coach

It’s the oldest problem in healthcare — patients aren’t great at following at-home care plans. Whether it’s a pamphlet or instructions from their physical therapist, it’s hard to get compliance once patients have left the appointment.  This got our team at...

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Healing foods: 7 best foods to eat for healing and surgery

Eating well after surgery Choose these 7 healing foods Avoid these 8 things We get nutrients from the food we eat. After surgery, it’s especially important to eat for nutrition, instead of for any other reason. Eat for nutrition. Now is a good time to avoid...

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11 natural remedies for stress from home

Take a quick walk: Walks are a great way to turn off and let go of stress. Even just a 10-minute walk has stress-reducing and positive emotion enducing benefits. Try walking for 10-30 minutes 3x/week and see if you feel any better.  Do something artistic: When was the...

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5 Ways to Reduce Pain without Ever Leaving the House in 2022

New year, new you? Yes, even with Omicron you can still improve your health (and pain) from home! Read on as we share 5 impactful ways to start reducing pain from home, right away.  With appointments canceled, gyms closed, and general uncertainty, committing to a...

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