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Drink water for less pain — 4 ways drinking water helps

Welcome to post #3 in our ‘Eat this, not that’ series from Marie Feldman. Marie Feldman, RD. Helping us fight pain with nutrition, Marie is one of our fantastic registered dietitians and health coaches here at PeerWell Health. So far you’ve learned about the benefits...

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8 expert tips for cooking with a broken wrist (with recipes!)

Unfortunately, a broken wrist can turn cooking into a nightmare. From chopping to straining to flipping, the kitchen suddenly turns into a place full of dishes you can't cook. As your wrist recovers, you’ve still got to eat! Eating the right foods can even help speed...

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CBD for pain — Miracle cure, snake oil or in between?

Tune in as PeerWell Health occupational therapist, Karen Dwire, gives us a look into the research, effectiveness and regulation surrounding CBD. Karen Dwire, OT Read on to learn the answer to the question, 'is CBD good for my pain?' “As an occupational therapist, I...

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Fight pain with food — Healthy protein (not just from meat)

This is part 2 of an 8-part series on how to fight pain with food -- designed by Marie Feldman, one of our amazing registered dietitians here at PeerWell Health. Take five minutes for yourself and learn about today’s food to fight pain: healthy proteins. Marie...

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Health Care Services at Home For Knee Pain & Recovery

Until we suffer a knee injury, it’s easy to take walking, moving, or sport-playing for granted. We don’t realize how much we rely on healthy knees until we experience aches, pains, and injury. If this is you, you’re not alone! Out of 100 million Americans who suffer...

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Suffering from Knee Pain? Here’s What You Can Do Today.

Knee pain is a total pain! It can feel like it comes out of nowhere. Fortunately, many types of knee pain are easy to treat, especially with physical therapy, the right lifestyle changes and the support of a  multi-specialty care team of doctors and experts. Read on...

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