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How to Start an Outpatient Replacement Program in a Hospital

Outpatient joint replacement centers are typically owned and operated as private health care practices. Often times, the physicians that perform surgeries at these same-day centers are also the partners who own a stake in the ambulatory center. Other times, ambulatory...

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Macra: What Every Doctor Needs to Know

For physicians and healthcare providers trying to navigate the policies (and acronyms) that Medicare enforces, it can feel overwhelming. However, hidden beneath the policy pages, rulings, and regulations lies massively important takeaways that affect the way providers...

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How to Run a Successful Preoperative Class

Patients only retain 5% of the material covered in video or slideshow lectures If you think about the way your pre-op class is run, chances are it looks something like this: bring in a group of patients, provide light refreshments and hit “play” on a DVD or talk...

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