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How to Run a Successful Preoperative Class

Patients only retain 5% of the material covered in video or slideshow lectures If you think about the way your pre-op class is run, chances are it looks something like this: bring in a group of patients, provide light refreshments and hit “play” on a DVD or talk...

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Lower Patient Cancellation Rates for Elective Surgery

For surgeons and healthcare administrators, surgery cancellations are synonymous with wasted time and money. If uncontrolled, day of surgery cancellation rates can have significant consequences on profitability, clinical flow, clinical efficiency, patient wait times,...

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How to Improve Patient Satisfaction & Why it Matters

We’d be doing everyone an injustice by not starting this article off with Rolling Stone lyrics, so here we go: “I can't get no satisfaction, cause I try and I try and I try and I try”. Now that this catchy tune is stuck in both of our heads, let’s dive in. Today more...

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2017’s Tell-All Social Media Guide for Doctors and Hospitals

You may have thought “this too shall pass”, but now you’ve realized the inevitable truth: social media is here to stay. If you’ve never given social media much thought when it comes to your physician practice or hospital’s speciality program, you’re not alone. Chances...

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A Guide to Building a Joint Replacement Center of Excellence

What exactly does it mean to be a joint replacement center of excellence and how can a hospital or care center become one? By definition, a center of excellence (sometimes called a COE) is an established collective of physicians and administrators that band together...

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The Life and Survival Strategy of a New Doctor

When I was growing up I thought that doctors had it made. About 3 months into med school I realized how wrong I was. Question: "Hi professor, what part of the chapter do I focus on?"Answer: "Everything." My text books would be out of date by the time I finished them....

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