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If you’re preparing for, or have recently had a hip or knee replacement, we hope that this elementary school-style acrostic poem strikes a chord! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

T is for Thinking about joint replacement surgery, not turkey.

H is for Hip Pain, go away, come again another holi-day.

A is for Ain’t no Tylenol strong enough…pass the wine.

N is for No excuse required for not hosting this year.

K is for Knee-d to get my post-feast nap in.

S is for Surgery is scary but so is the empty dressing bowl.

G is for Googling “joint replacement” in between Black Friday deals.

I is for Impossible to race up stairs, but easy to have fun this day.

V is for Venting to family and friends, then laughing it off.

I is for Ice. Eat. Elevate. Repeat.

N is for Never denying pumpkin pie…“It was just one slice, Doc.”

G is for Giving thanks for today and hopeful for a healthier tomorrow.

Are you getting ready for a hip replacement or knee replacement? If so, we’d love to help you get ready for this life-changing procedure. Sign-up for PeerWell to learn more about our cutting-edge PreHab app. It’s designed to help you better prepare for and recover from a joint replacement.

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