Isolation is one of the most harmful states for a human to be in. Being isolated increases the risk of early death by 45% and the risk of developing dementia by 64%.

But as long as you don’t end up on a deserted island or in prison you are safe right? Unfortunately, the truth is that many people are isolated in full view of the rest of society. This kind of subtle isolation affects our nation’s veterans at shockingly high rates. The transition from military to civilian life leaves many veterans without stable housing (aka couch surfing for years) and feeling like they are unable to find help.

That is why we partnered with Swords to Plowshares to help veterans make this transition.

We built a program that combines the best advice from the veterans at Swords to Plowshares with the most cutting edge science on building mental resilience- all in the framework of a virtual work group. Veterans can get matched to other veterans and work together to transition successfully as a group.

To find out more head over to to sign up for the program.

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