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When it comes to musculoskeletal recovery, a well thought out treatment program can transform a life. PeerWell’s digital healthcare platform is individualized and precise. We use tools that manage pain, help temper anxiety, and foster a take-charge approach to one’s health. Our goal? For people who use our digital recovery programs to say, I’ve got this.

A crucial component to musculoskeletal treatment is an emphasis on PreHab / ReHab. It’s a holistic take, an understanding that our health lies on a continuum, and that the choices we make matter. In other words, there’s no time like the present to help steer our future. PreHab is an essential part of recovery, a crucial component of ReHab.

Research shows that when people are in pain, figuring out healthcare can feel overwhelming. People can end up anxious or depressed and put off getting the care they need. A complete musculoskeletal treatment program should not overwhelm the patient. It should be clear and easy to use, allowing the patient to feel supported and able to focus on their recovery.

What is a MSK recovery solution? It’s a coordinated approach, coalescing a client’s condition and various methods of treatment. A PreHab program might consist of proscribed therapeutic exercises, nutrition checks, health literacy, and consultations. Daily check-ins provide continuity and reassurance.

Is surgery avoidance part of an MSK recovery solution? PeerWell knows it can be. Surgery optimization (PreHab), getting yourself healthy enough for surgery, can work so well that surgery becomes moot. And even if surgery is required, PreHab prepares the body for the crucial post-op ReHab—hospital stays are shortened and patient satisfaction is significantly higher.

PreHab also helps people adopt a healthier lifestyle. Life management multimodal skills learned during PreHab, like eating well, taking walks, curbing sugar, makes a big difference. PreHab works in the short term and is crucial to long term smart health.

Let’s look at how a digital recovery platform might work. Consider a rotator cuff tear: an all-day-at-a-computer employee with a rotator cuff injury will have a very different set of needs than someone working in construction with a rotator cuff injury. Both employees can benefit from a digital recovery solution. It will allow both users easy access and facility of use. But otherwise, the programs diverge. PeerWell rejects handout-thinking. Each treatment plan seeks to recognize root causes of injuries and assess unique needs and challenges. Complex thinking, easy access.

Similarly, both employees can expect a different ReHab process. While one may require limited job modifications to enable keyboard and mouse usage, the other may leave an employee unable to complete their job for weeks or months.

So why treat these two injuries the same? We see that way too often. Our customized PreHab and ReHab programs are built around each individual. That’s why they work. Whether the rotator cuff injury comes from typing white papers or hammering plywood, PeerWell’s coordinated care team and AI develops specific plans focused on total recovery.

Accessibility for MSK Treatment is Critical for Results

The past year-and-a-half has been a difficult and trying time. But there have been silver linings. Life-saving vaccines created at a rate no one thought possible, and a shift in healthcare delivery that bolstered digital healthcare and expanded access. More than ever, technology informs and connects us. Digital access is successfully changing healthcare for the elderly and the disabled. And for everyone else, too.

Digital health has increased access to care in a number of ways. Patients can get the care they need from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Additionally, access to highly trained specialists are only a couple clicks away. At a recent healthcare conference, panelists discussed how technology not only helps expand access to health, but also assist clinicians in providing better care. Digital health creates a unification of all patient data across various platforms and patient care professionals.

With PeerWell’s coordinated care solution, users receive virtual 1:1 sessions with a doctor, physical therapist, and other specialists, plus a daily at-home recovery program on their own device. This also allows for programs to be modified in real time, adapting to the patient’s needs, progress, and condition.

This user-friendly, healthcare delivery model is rooted in approachability. We know when people find technology easy to use and highly useful, it increases satisfaction. They’re taken care of and  in control. It’s a fine balance we work hard to achieve.

MSK PreHab / ReHab Recovery Delivers Results

Satisfied patients point to the efficacy of our digital healthcare platform. Our ability to accurately assess and apply information toward a patient’s care delivers results.

●      Whole person assessment allows for a highly specific, responsive program that meets patient’s needs.

●      PreHab offers safe steps toward pain avoidance, conservative care, and surgery prep.

●      Bite-sized activities aren’t too overwhelming, and are authentic to who the patient is and what the patient needs.

●      Alerts and progress can be shared with care teams in order to keep recovery on track and on target—reduces risk of complication, increases satisfaction.

PeerWell loves being at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution. Online access to our digital health programs is game-changing and convenient. It’s a friendly healthcare delivery model with smart AI. And when you need to talk to a human specialist, we’re there too. We built our PreHab and Rehab programs to thrive on digital agility and human touch. To learn more, request a demo now.

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