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“As a physician, I’ve seen a lot of digital healthcare solutions, but the balance of tech and touch is always off. Touch—really taking care of patients—has been missing in the musculoskeletal space to date. We can’t successfully help patients with lasting improvement, and getting back to the activities they love, without the multi-disciplinary approach that PeerWell has embraced”—Dr. Slotkin.

Pain is Exhausting

Pain can feel like a full-time job. If you have pain, injury, difficulty moving or an ongoing condition with flare ups, you know this all too well. For those who’ve been through the rigamarole of pain and injury, you’ve likely visited different doctors and seen specialists.   

You might go from treatment to treatment, and spend hours on the internet without an end in sight. The volume of information is overwhelming, the to-dos conflicting, and untangling the web of ‘what is the best treatment for me’ can feel like an impossible task. Being your own advocate and having to tackle pain and immobility alone is exhausting. 

Introducing PeerWell Health: Going beyond single-visit care. 

Now, imagine if you had access to the best practices, top medical specialists, and recovery tools all in a single place. Imagine if doctors who specialized in pain management, physical therapy, nutrition, and mental health, all worked together on your behalf. To coordinate all of this care, imagine you also had a dedicated support nurse available to speak and meet with you. In addition to a topnotch clinical team, picture yourself with access to a daily at-home recovery program. This at-home program bottles up all of the best practices, tidbits, exercises, and tools proven to help you get better faster. 

Would you agree that treatment with live clinicians, a care coordinator, physical therapy, and an at-home program is better than what you normally get when you go to the doctor? With a multi-specialty clinical team and an at-home program, you might anticipate a clearer path to recovery while addressing the root causes of your pain—not just the symptoms. 

With a mission to end pain and immobility worldwide, we’ve made it our goal to provide better, more accessible care to a larger number of people in need. For us, better care means whole person, full journey care—not broken-up appointments, physicians who don’t communicate with one another, and a lack of daily guidance and support. 

To achieve this, we’ve created a reimagined healthcare clinic, PeerWell Health.

Is PeerWell Health right for you? 

PeerWell Health is a registered virtual healthcare practice with its own full team of multi-specialty providers and at-home digital care programs. The aim of PeerWell Health is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. As a patient of PeerWell Health, you will receive complete, end-to-end care from the onset of pain or injury through to your full recovery. 

All of the doctors, physical therapy, and technology that is proven to assist in your individual recovery will be made available and connected through your assigned care coordinator. In addition to your doctor’s appointments and physical therapy, you will be given 10-15 minutes of daily activities through your custom at-home recovery program. This combination of multi-speciality doctor visits, physical therapy, coordinated care, plus a digital program via your smartphone or tablet, offers an unmatched level of treatment.

PeerWell Health includes:

  • Live 1:1 doctor visits
  • Weekly physical therapy sessions
  • Dedicated are Coordinator to support you
  • Daily guided exercises, mindfulness, and education about your pain and condition via your smartphone or tablet
  • Access to multi-specialty virtual care visits (to get help with everyday activities, mental health therapy, nutrition, etc.)

PeerWell Health works for you. Here’s how:

  • Have all your care in a single place – If you’re in pain but unable to do physical therapy because you struggle with mental health, you shouldn’t need to go to two different places to get the correct treatment. Moreover, the doctors treating you shouldn’t be siloed and not talk to each other to figure out how to get you better. With PeerWell Health, all of your doctors and specialists are a team, working together.
  • Access the best from home, wherever you live – If you live in a remote area, or are unable to get to and from appointments, you can access the top specialists in the country from home. PeerWell Health’s team of trusted multi-speciality doctors believe in the power of connected healthcare and treatment and are trained to offer the best care, virtually.
  • Get to the root of your problem – If you’re frustrated because you feel like the root cause of your pain has never been addressed, or that your doctors are not working together to solve your health issues, PeerWell Health’s robust treatment ties up all of the loose ends. Your full care team is connected and paddling in the same direction with you.
  • Use recommended first-line approaches to potentially avoid surgery – If you’re unsure about surgery and don’t know what to do next, you’ll be guided through evidence-based practices that actually reduce the need for surgery. For instance, physical therapy, weight loss, and drug-free pain management are all proven ways to reduce pain and avoid unnecessary surgery. If you can avoid surgery, PeerWell Health will help you get there.
  • Improve surgery results – If you’ve got high blood sugar and an upcoming surgery, there are PreHab activities that you should be doing to lower your risk of complications. In 10-15 minutes a day, PeerWell Health guides you through exercises, lessons, and other activities that you can do from home, to improve your outcome and recovery.

Better care is possible. 

Your insurance plan may already cover PeerWell Health today. We’ll help you check to see if you’re eligible through insurance. Register for PeerWell Health today.

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