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The belief in a better tomorrow is the sole reason those living with joint pain and reduced mobility schedule a joint replacement, PreHab for better surgery results, and devote themselves to recovery. After all, signing on for elective surgery isn’t an easy decision. Deciding to schedule joint replacement surgery is often a long road, met with mixed feelings, anxiety, but ultimately, hope that investing in a new joint will mean a new lease on life.

To better understand what drives and motivates those awaiting or recuperating from joint replacement surgery, we asked a question: “What is number one thing you dream about doing once you’re fully recovered?”.

We received over 100 responses from the hip and knee replacement community. Ranging from simply to being able to do everyday household things to a doing a full-on headstand, here’s what you had to say.

The Top Things You Dream About Doing…

Once Fully Recovered from Joint Replacement Surgery

These are the most popular responses we received from you, the joint replacement community. Starting with the most popular answers, this is what you’re dreaming about post-op, after recovery.

1. Walking, Pain-Free and Medicine-Free.

Over 20% of all respondents said that the thing the dream about most is walking. We’re not talking a walking tour in Spain or walking to win an Olympic speed walking medal, just plain, simple walking without pain and the need for assistance or pain medication. It really is the simplest things in life that are the most important.

2. Feeling Normal

When you’ve had to sit out on the activities you enjoy, turn down invitations, and watch life from the sidelines, feeling “normal” couldn’t be meaningful. With your new joint, you’re new normal will taste that much sweeter!

3. D-A-N-C-I-N-G

Whether you’re a dancer with polished moves or someone that’s shy about releasing their inner Paula Abdul, there’s something undeniable freeing about dancing. Not to mention, it’s just plain F-U-N.

4. Hiking: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

With reduced mobility and joint pain, getting to go out and take in nature’s beauty can be a challenge. In a two-way tie with dancing, more than 10% of respondents said that they can’t wait to hike. Whether it’s to hike in a neighboring forest or embark across the Pacific Crest Trail, lacing up the old hiking boots was on many minds.

5. Playing With Kids

For those with little ones running around, it’s hard not being able to jump in and play all the silly games you’d like to. Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, keeping up (or trying to) with the kids in your life lets you be apart of their special, sometimes mischievous, adventures.

6. Taking a Vacation/ Going Somewhere New

Without a doubt, living with joint pain has put a kink in travel plans. However for many of you, this hasn’t stifled the desire to get out and see the world. Will your first trip be a sandy beach? An exotic locale? Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas? Yes, this is a thing.

7. Riding a Bike

Tandem Bike? Cruiser Bike? Mountain Bike? Hybrid Bike? Bmx Bike? :O. Whether you’re exploring or taking a leisurely spin, a warm afternoon with the wind in your hair is hard to top. We totally get why riding a bike was among the top entries.

8. Exercising (Taking a Workout Class)

The idea of working out may not be everyone’s favorite thought, but it sure feels good to work up a sweat or even better, take a gym class or yoga session with a group of great people.

9. Driving or Better Yet… Riding a Motorcycle

Taking a joy ride, whether in a car or motorcycle not only gives the feeling of independence, but freedom as well. The idea of cruising into the sunset alone or with a partner in crime is apart of the American Dream!

10. Getting Up…Gracefully.

Chances are you’ve felt that stomach curdling feeling of: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. Okay, maybe you hadn’t fallen, but with a joint in need of replacing, you’re sure not getting up from the ground or from bending over like you used to. Getting up, without hands or assistance is a major dream-worthy accomplishment!

11. Sleeping Comfortably

In all likelihood, your nightly departure to Z-land hasn’t been the smooth ride it once was. Being able to sleep in any position, not just on your back, will help you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Dreaming about a pain-free tomorrow? PreHab with PeerWell before hip replacement or knee replacement surgery helps improves the outcome of surgery and gives you a head start on recovery.

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