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If your experiencing joint pain, osteoarthritis, or an injury (like a torn ACL), you’ll probably find yourself walking through the doors of a physical therapist. Depending on your condition, symptoms, and how long you’ve been in pain for, physical therapy may be a regular part of your routine. For others, physical therapy may just be a pitstop on the way to a more permanent solution (like if you’ve got ongoing knee arthritis, a knee replacement is the likely end-game).

If you’re living in the Los Angeles area, here are some well-known physical therapy clinics that you can check-out. All of these physical therapy clinics specialize in treating osteoarthritis, orthopaedic conditions, and pain.

Whether you live in Beverly Hills,  Burbank, Venice, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, Westwood, San Pedro, Carson or anywhere in between.

10 Orthopedic Phsyical Therapy Clinics in Los Angeles

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates

Serving the Burbank area for nearly 15 years, this OPTA physical therapy clinic specializes in orthopedics. The wide-range of services are tailored for each individual’s needs, but treat ligament and tendon disorders, joint disorders, and focus on pain management. Offering joint replacement rehab, this clinic also treats ongoing osteoarthritis.

Address: 10921 Wilshire Blvd # 1208, Los Angeles CA 90024
Phone: (424) 260-2974 ext: 1

Kinetic Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Located in Los Angeles, Kinetic Orthopaedic Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned practice that specialize in pre-injury and rehab. The Kinetic team focuses on conditions of the back and spine like lumbar pain, disc syndromes, rotator cuff injury. They also work with those with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee.

Address: 1950 Sawtelle Blvd #190, Los Angeles CA 90025

Phone:  (310) 312-5678   

Email: [email protected]


Axis PT, located in downtown LA, seems to be a real fan favorite (if you check our their 5 star reviews on Yelp, you’ll see what we mean).  This fan-favorite orthopaedic center specializes in injury and dysfunction of the joints. The clinic offer in-person prehab and rehab for joint replacement candidates and other orthopaedic reconstruction surgeries.

Address: 708 West 1St St, Los Angeles, Ca 90012, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: (213) 617-2947

Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab, Inc.

Reiss Physical Therapy & Rehab is located in the heart of Beverly Hills and calls themselves “your partner in pain elimination”.  The physical therapy clinic focus on orthopaedic problems like neck, back, shoulder and knee pain. They also work with patients who are preparing for joint replacement surgery. Chronic pain is also listed as a specialty they aim to treat.

Location: 713 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA

Phone: (323) 965-7713

Joel Scherr Physical Therapy

Serving Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Burbank, Westwood, West Los Angeles and Glendale, this physical therapy clinic specializes in pain and post-operative rehab. This long-standing clinic treats a wide-array of orthopaedic patients, from those with knee pain and hip, or other injuries and conditions.

Location: 8635 W 3rd St #465, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA
Phone: (310) 657-8591

Vivie Therapy

Vivie Therapy, refers to their practice as “Prevent Pain Therapy”. With a focus on treating the root cause of pain, this clinic works to provide complete approach to treating your condition. Treating chronic pain, lower back pain, hip and knee pain, Vivie’s physical therapy team works to treat your arthritis, condition, or injury and support lifestyle changes.

Location: 8818 Saturn St, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA
Phone: (310) 623-4444

Peak Performance Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Peak Performance Orthopedic is located in Santa Monica, and aim to get people back to their “peak performance”. Whether this is healing pro athletes from injury or helping those living with chronic orthopedic pain find their new normal. Serving the Los Angeles area, Peak provides great musculoskeletal rehab and even have a special “women’s hip and back” program.

Location: 900 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 315, Santa Monica, California

Phone: (310) 826-4100\

Huntington Orthopedics

Huntington Orthopedics can be your one-stop shop for orthopedic injury or conditions (that may eventually require surgery). Physical therapy is one service offered by the Pasadena-based clinic. The clinic also performs orthopedic procedures like arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement surgery, ACL repair, injections etc. Physical therapy is offered to help patients treat pain, prepare for surgery, and rehab after a procedure.

Location: 10 Congress Street Suite 103, Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone: (626) 486-9494\

Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Aspire physical therapy is more geared towards sports injury and athletes. They’ve worked with NBA and other professional athletes. However, if you have orthopedic back (like back or knee) you may find their approach to physical therapy refreshing and more energetic. Located off the 210 highway, between Burbank and Pasadena, this clinic is a good option for those living in outer Los Angeles.

Location: 4515 Ocean View Blvd. Suite 350, La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011
Phone Number: (818) 369-7620\

The LAB Doctors of Physical Therapy

The LAB is an upscale, doctor-owned physical therapy clinic. Calling themselves an “innovative” facility that focuses on the individual, LAB offers personal training workout classes, and massage. A state-of-the-art gym and facility, they do not specialize in orthopedics per se, but are certainly well-versed in treating all sorts of injuries and conditions.

Address: 700 Wilshire Blvd #505, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 213.788.7484 / Fax: 213.995.6973

Are you experiencing joint pain? Are you considering joint replacement surgery? Get matched to a LA-based orthopedic surgeon near you.

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