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There has been a lot of change happening in the health care industry lately. With the passage of the ACA (and after some early hiccups), millions of people are getting access to health insurance. The price for genetic sequencing has been falling faster than Moore’s Law, and new forms of treatment for many diseases are starting to take shape. Because of the ubiquity of connected devices, the nature of a doctor visit is changing. Because of urbanization and better logistics, the delivery of care is moving in reverse to meet the patient where she is, not forcing her to seek out care.

These macro trends are completely changing the world of healthcare, but the pace of change cannot keep up with the explosive growth of the issues burdening the system. We are losing ground to the spread of chronic disease. 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2050 costing the US hundreds of billions of dollars. More people are being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions for which the causes and cures are unknown. The healthcare system is unable to meet the demand for the growing populations that need to be cared for. This is why time spent in the waiting room is 2x longer than the time spent with a doctor and 10x longer when it comes to meaningful interaction between the patient and the doctor. And unfortunately, the best treatment for many of these patients does not come in pill-form that’s easy to vend. Today patients fight the battle from doctor appointment to appointment and completely ignore the war raging during the time periods inbetween. The best treatment requires that patients navigate the complex process of determining what will keep them healthy, solve underlying issues and keep them out of the system altogether.

The reality here is that each person needs to take control of his health. They need support where the current healthcare system has a blindspot, in-between doctor visits and outside of a hospital or clinic.

For people struggling with chronic conditions, life is not easy. Before being diagnosed, you could go about your day doing what you would think is ok. And even if you had an inkling that you weren’t making the best choices, you probably didn’t think you would end up facing consequences. But after being diagnosed with something like type II diabetes or an auto-immune condition like Hashimoto’s disease, your choices matter in a whole new way. The consequences can be extreme. A poor choice could put you in the emergency room and cost you thousands of dollars that you pay out of your own pocket. Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy – not because of a lack of insurance, but because people get so sick that they are unable to work. Eventually people lose their ability to earn, to care for their families, or even care for themselves.

The challenge is that poor health choices are hidden everywhere. It could be a food you like to eat or how you deal with a stressful work situation. Often, these are not circumstances you can avoid or the better choice is just not obvious. For example, if you work a 12 hour day and then need to make dinner for your family, when do you find time to exercise? How do you avoid a stress breakdown when you experience chronic low-grade stress from having to commute 45 mins to and from work each day?

Our mission is to make navigating this environment easier by creating honest, effective products that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. With the right technology, the right people around you, and the right knowledge, you can enjoy a high quality life. We are not here to give you band-aids. We are here to give you real, simple to use solutions that address underlying causes. We are dedicated to making health management feel as simple and natural as waking up, having a cup of coffee, and going about your day.

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