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The in-app feature you know and love—SMART Motion ROM from PeerWell—has been clinically validated! 

Of all the features inside of our app, none are as popular as our built-in SMART Motion Range of Motion (ROM). Since we launched SMART Motion ROM, thousands of knee surgery patients have successfully measured their knee flexion and extension from home. We’ve even had a patient compare the importance of measuring range of motion at home to “trying to lose weight without a scale”! 

On any given day, at any given hour, patients are engaging with our range of motion content. 

And this is why we’re so excited to share that SMART Motion Range of Motion from PeerWell  has been clinically proven to measure knee flexion and extension as accurately as a clinician with a goniometer. SMART Motion ROM measures your knee’s mobility as accurately as an in-person physical therapist or surgeon. 

For the first time ever, you can confidently track and measure your knee mobility from home as you would with your care team. You no longer have to wait between appointments to track your knee mobility progress!

Check out the recently published clinical study, Comparison of a Smartphone App to Manual Knee Range of Motion Measurements.

Read on about why our SMART™ Motion ROM is game-changing for your knee recovery. 

Benefits for measuring your knee’s range of motion at home with the PeerWell app: 

  • Use just your smartphone! No extra tech, wearable hardware, or costly add-ons! SMART Motion ROM is built right into the PeerWell app and uses your smartphone’s technology. 
  • Stay on top of your knee’s movement—Mobility, and key motions like flexion, and extension are critical for avoiding stiffness and complications after surgery. Tracking your progress keeps you moving (literally) in the right direction.
  • As accurate as your physical therapist and surgeon—Confidently measure your range of motion from home within 1-2 degrees of your PT or surgeon.
  • Measure at your own leisure—No need to wait for a manual goniometer measurement from your doctor. Measure your ROM daily, a few times a week, or wherever you’d like to check in.
  • Understand your pain/ recovery better—Your knee surgery recovery will have ups and downs, better days and painful ones. By measuring your range of motion on your own, more regularly, you can understand progress and when you reach new milestones. 

Range of Motion Basics You Should Know

What is Range of Motion (ROM), exactly? Range of motion is the normal movement of your joint, measured in degrees from the center of your knee. Range of motion (ROM) includes flexion (bending), extension (straightening), adduction (movement towards center of the body), abduction (movement away from center of the body), rotations (inward and outward). ROM is traditionally measured using an instrument called a “goniometer”. Today, you can measure your knee ROM as accurately as the goniometer using just your phone and the PeerWell app. 

Knee ROM focuses primarily on these two measurements:

  • Knee Flexion— The measurable degree in which your leg (and knee joint) is bent. Think about laying on your stomach and bending your leg toward your buttocks. This requires knee flexion.
  • Knee Extension— The measurable degree in which your knee is extended. Think of standing on one leg and raising your surgical leg behind you like you’re stepping backwards or karate kicking someone behind you…Hiya! This requires knee extension.

Learn more about knee range of motion (including adduction and abduction) here. 

Cheat sheet for knee flexion required to do everyday activities:

  • 65° to walk
  • 70° to lift an object from the floor
  • 85° to climb stairs
  • 95° to sit and stand comfortably
  • 105° to tie shoelaces
  • 115° (or greater) to squat or sit cross-legged

A knee flexion of 125° (or more) is a great goal after your knee surgery or knee replacement.With this mobility, you can do almost all normal activities. However you may have difficulty with squatting and sitting on your heels at this flexion degree (and post-surgery in general).

How to Avoid Knee Stiffness and Gain Mobility

Studies show that between 4-16% of knee replacement patients develop stiffness after knee replacement surgery. Stiffness can require additional surgery and means that movement may be further limited. 

How can you avoid stiffness? The best thing you can do to prevent knee stiffness is to improve your range of motion. This means keeping up with your doctor’s care plan, exercising the knee as recommended, and keeping track of your range of motion measurements with the PeerWell app.

Building up your range of motion after surgery or injury doesn’t happen overnight, and requires ongoing effort.

Here are some ways to improve your ROM after surgery:

Visit with PeerWell Health Providers

Physical therapy will be a major part of your knee recovery. In order to regain movement and avoid stiffness, you will need professional help. With your ability to travel to appointments diminished, telehealth physical therapy visits may be a good option for you. Talk to your surgeon, and consider PeerWell’s virtual physical therapy for 1:1 guided sessions from the comfort of home. You can get all the benefits, with none of the risky, painful car time!

Follow your At-Home Exercise Plan and Create Goals

A couple of hours of physical therapy each week isn’t going to cut it. After knee surgery, you need to put in extra hours at home. Think of yourself as a student. You can’t just go to class and expect to pass your courses. You will need to do some extra studying and homework at home to get a good grade. Knee mobility is no different!

An at-home recovery program, like PeerWell’s Knee PreHab & ReHab, guides you through all of the exercises and daily lessons to speed up your recovery. We will take care of the big picture by breaking your day down into doable tasks. All you have to do is stay on top of your recovery plan, put in the legwork (pun intended, again), and hit your recovery goals.

Measure ROM at Home

PeerWell offers the only at-home app that measures your range of motion! There are no wearable straps or additional add-ons required. Just your knee, your smartphone, and the PeerWell app.

We’re proud to share our clinically-validated and proven SMART™ Motion Range of Measurement with you! Interested in becoming a PeerWell patient for full-access to the app (and 1:1 doctor’s appointments)? Learn more here. 

Located in California? We invite you to become a PeerWell patient and get back to better, today. 

Ready to get better?

Located in California? Call us to speak with our specialists and schedule your first virtual physical therapy visit!

Not sure if PeerWell is right for you, or just have a question?  Email our support team to learn more.

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