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At PeerWell, our mission is to eliminate the burden of pain and mobility for people worldwide.

In carrying out our mission, our focus has been rethinking how healthcare is delivered. Specifically, on building innovative ways for patients to accessibly treat their conditions from home.

In pioneering the most clinically relevant technology for better musculoskeletal treatment, we’ve built the first-ever smartphone enabled Range of Motion (ROM) measurer. Without any expensive hardware or wearable straps, PeerWell’s SMART™ Motion (ROM) allows patients to independently measure their knee mobility with the same efficacy as a clinician with a goniometer. 

A recently published study in Arthroplasty Today found that PeerWell’s SMART™ Motion ROM measures knee flexion and extension as accurately as a manual goniometer used by a surgeon or physical therapist. This means that post-operative knee surgery patients can digitally measure their ROM accessibly and efficiently from home with just a smartphone.

SMART™ Motion ROM is part of PeerWell’s digital recovery app and offered to PeerWell Health patients and our partners. Check out the full study, Comparison of a Smartphone App to Manual Knee Range of Motion Measurements.

PeerWell for Your Patients & Injured Workers’

PeerWell offers the only at-home app that measures range of motion! There are no wearable straps or additional add-ons required.

We’re proud to share our clinically-validated and proven SMART™ Motion Range of Measurement to our partners and patients! Learn more about offering PeerWell! 

Are you a patients and resident of California? We invite you to become a PeerWell patient and get back to better, today. 

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