PeerWell Reduces Costs and Improves Patient Outcomes… It’s Clinically Proven.

PeerWell has been used by thousands of patients preparing for and recovering from musculoskeletal surgery. Adopted by payers, health systems, and clinicians across the US and internationally, PeerWell lowers episode of care costs and improves key patient outcome metrics.

Reduces Hospital Length of Stay

The average LOS after surgery (total knee arthroplasty) in the PeerWell prehabilitation group was 26% shorter than the control group. On average, PeerWell users remained in hospital for 2.0 days where the control group spent 2.7 days.

Length of stay: PeerWell vs. National average & Control

peerwell length of stay comparison chart

Patients Have a Better Discharge Disposition

77.2% of patients were discharged without home medical assistance required (compared to an average of just 42.8%). In addition, only 1.8% of PeerWell users required discharge to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) after surgery compared to 21.8% in the control group.

Discharge location: PeerWell vs. National average & Control

peerwell discharge disposition comparison chart

Prehabilitation Improves Results and Reduces Costs

Research has shown that people who prehab require less home assistance, have better pain scores, muscle strength, etc. Studies have shown that patients who PreHab have a 29% reduction in post-acute care use.

Savings resulting from pre-sugical preparation

prehab savings chart

Makes Regular Patients Great

PeerWell is designed for older, difficult-to-reach users that tend to resist technology. Big fonts, simple language, audio/video lessons and clear controls make for an engaging experience for all age groups and all reading levels.

No young techies here!

PeerWell is designed for older, difficult-to-reach users that tend to resist technology. Multimedia lessons, simple language and big, bold text makes for an engaging experience for all age groups and reading levels.

average age person

American average age


peerwell user aged person

PeerWell user age


Heavier than the average American

Overweight patients = increased risk. We work with at-risk patient populations with secondary conditions to achieve first-tier results.

healthy BMI person

Healthy BMI


average BMI person

American average BMI


average PeerWell BMI person

PeerWell user BMI


More comorbidities too...

Secondary comorbidities complicate surgery and outcomes. Our customized programs work to reduce effects and regulate patients with diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, and more.

can of cola

More diabetes


sad blood cell

More dialysis


blood pressure cuff

More hypertension


Who We Work With

We’re proud to have worked with some of the best clinician groups, health systems, and payers in the country. Check out these leading groups, organizations and businesses who trust PeerWell with their patients.

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