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PeerWell serves helps patients recover from injuries and surgeries for MSK issues faster and at a lower cost. Here are some of our most common questions.

What is PeerWell?

PeerWell is a digital musculoskeletal recovery program. Once registered you are guided through a daily list of activities proven to improve your condition. PeerWell’s PreHab, ReHab, and conservative care programs are based on the concept of whole person care and our five pillars of health: Physical Therapy, Life Management, Nutrition, Pain & Wellness, Health Literacy. You will get better a little bit each day in just 10-15 minutes.

Does PeerWell replace Physical Therapy?

PeerWell is meant to be done in conjunction with your existing care. In most cases, those that use PeerWell end up needing significantly less outpatient physical therapy.  This is because they are able to perform recovery exercises at home, in between traditional visits (or if in-person sessions are unavailable). Studies have shown that PeerWell patients average just 2.04 outpatient PT visits vs. 7.4 PT visits for non-PeerWell patients.

Other than musculoskeletal (MSK) surgical patients, and those with low back pain, what other injury populations are appropriate for PeerWell?

PeerWell supports recovery from more than a dozen musculoskeletal surgeries and conditions. PeerWell treats the whole patient during their journey—from injury through to recovery and return-to-work. 

What surgeries does PeerWell cover?

PeerWell provides surgery programs for most MSK related surgeries:


  • Bicep repair
  • Biceps tenodesis
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • SLAP repair


  • Discectomy
  • Laminectomy
  • Spinal Fusion


  • ACL reconstruction
  • Meniscectomy repair
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement

Is the program customized for injury type/ surgery date?

Each program is designed specifically for the patients condition, surgery type, and surgery date. The content is also prioritized depending on the amount of time the patient has before surgery.

What does the process look like for the patient?

The patients care team member or nurse case manager introduces PeerWell to the patient. He/she explains what PeerWell is and the benefits the patient will get out of it in relation to their condition or surgery. If the injured worker is interested, they are invited to complete their registration. The care team member invites the patient to PeerWell, and an email and text message is sent to the patient with instructions on how to download the app and get started with their recovery.

From that point, they will receive daily notifications that a new set of tasks are ready in the app. 4-6 daily tasks are assigned using advanced machine learning to curate the content to their specific needs based on surgery and/or injury type, recovery stage, comorbidities, and progress to-date.

When is the best time for patients to start using PeerWell?

PeerWell’s programs are designed to empower patients to lower their pain and either avoid surgery or improve their surgery outcome. PeerWell programs include everything a patient should be doing to recover faster and provides fresh daily content for up to 90 days prior to surgery. Even a few days of use during PreHab can have a powerful benefit to health literacy, and preparing the patient’s environment for a safer recovery at home. PeerWell’s recovery program guides the first 90 days of recovery and may be used as a stand-alone solution regardless of PreHab participation. There is just one fee per PeerWell download, so the greatest value is using both PreHab and ReHab.

How to explain PeerWell to potential patients?

If you are a provider recommending PeerWell to a patient here is an example script you can use.

(Name) we have you scheduled for (surgery) on (date) with (doctor). You should know that there are a lot of factors within your control that go into your surgery and recovery experience. Things like your diet, physical condition, attitude, and even medical knowledge can help reduce your risk of complications and get you back on your feet more quickly, or make things more challenging. We partner with a company called PeerWell to help you get a handle on all things that are within your control for this upcoming procedure and recovery. I’m going to send you a text and email with a link to download the app which will be like your personal guide. You’ll get a few short assignments each day from now until you are recovered. I’d encourage you to sign up and start using it as soon as possible. There is no cost to you. What is the best number to send the text invite? Best email? Great, they’ll also be asking you some questions and taking some measurements for your medical team through the app, and I’ll be keeping an eye out to make sure it looks like everything is on track for you, so do your best to log in every day the next 90 days or so. If you run into any trouble getting signed up just let us know.

What is the compatibility for PeerWell on phones, tablets, and desktops?

PeerWelI works best on and is designed for mobile phones (iPhone and Android). PeerWell also works on iPad and tablets with Google Play installed.

For Apple devices, the app will work on any device that has at least iOS 9 or later. PeerWell runs on any iPad, and all iPhones from v5 and beyond.

Most android devices with Android version 4.04 or higher is supported.  Not all Android devices have all the technology components to work with PeerWell’s SMART Motion™ technology. When a phone is missing these features, the patient is notified.

A desktop version is available, however SMART Motion™ and other interactive features are not available via desktop.

What if my patient doesn't have a smartphone?

If your patient does not own a smartphone, they can still access PeerWell from their laptop or desktop. They can complete their registration and view their program by using There are certain tasks and exercises that they will not be able to complete from a computer, but this will be marked on their task at the top with a yellow banner.

What results can be expected from PeerWell?

PeerWell patients average just 2.04 outpatient PT visits vs. 7.4 PT visits for non-PeerWell injured workers.

Average employers see 22% PT paid usage.
+70% weekly engagement* (vs. 25% for most apps)
+50% program compliance* (vs. 40% for daily prescriptions)
+93% injured worker satisfaction

Claims using nurse case managers who engage with the patient and use the PeerWell app have experienced earlier RTW days and reduced medical spend.

Is PeerWell recommended if the patient is elderly?

PeerWell is designed with the elderly patient in mind. All patients, regardless of age and ability, are be able to benefit from PeerWell.

Dopatients need any technology? Any wearables, etc.?

PeerWell works with the devices that the patient already owns, like a smartphone, tablet or computer. The patient will need internet access, but not any wearables.

What if the patient is having multiple surgeries?

PeerWell supports multiple surgeries, just not all at the same time.  For example, if a patient has knee replacement surgery and later needs a hip replacement surgery, then PeerWell can support them.  If a patient has a catastrophic injury or an accident where they need multiple surgeries all at once PeerWell is only able to treat one conidition at a time.

Don’t see your question here? Partners can view additional Frequently Asked Questions on our Support page.

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