A whole-person clinical practice for musculoskeletal care. 

Overcome pain with on-demand physician care and leading digital recovery programs. 

Treat your pain from home with on-demand doctor visits

pain injury prevention

A Dedicated Care Coordinator

 Get the support you need with all care managed by your go-to Care Coordinator. 

conservative care

1:1 Specialty Doctor Visits

Treat the root cause of your pain and immobility with virtual care from expert doctors.


Interactive Daily Recovery

Enjoy a custom digital recovery program—designed for you and your condition.

Recover faster from pain, immobility, or surgery—and stay better.

PeerWell Health is a multi-specialty medical practice that treats all of you. With live doctor visits, a dedicated care coordinator, and an at-home recovery program via your smartphone, you’ll treat the root cause of your condition.

heal your scar

1:1 virtual doctor visits

Dedicated care coordinator

weekly physical therapy sessions


Network of specialty doctors

progress monitoring & recovery at home

health ecosystem

1:1 Specialty Doctor Visits

Gain access to a full team of multi-specialty physicians within PeerWell Health’s network. No long waits for appointments and no travel time, with straight-forward communication between your care team.

Who Benefits from PeerWell Health

Trusted by thousands of patients, PeerWell partners with Health Plans, Providers, Fortune 100 Employers, and the nation’s largest TPA’s & Insurers. 

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Treat Your Pain & Immobility at Home

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