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Musculoskeletal done differently

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Cover the full continuum of musculoskeletal care with PeerWell

We support the journey from initial pain through surgery & recovery.






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PeerWell's Smart Motion™ technology:

  • Tracks patient movement and range of motion using AI, smartphone or tablet cameras, and sensors.

  • Reports patient daily progress by measuring activity levels.

Holistic Programs

Holistic, evidence-based programs

  • Meets the person wherever they are in their journey to musculoskeletal recovery.

  • Delivers the full continuum of care: acute and chronic pain, conservative care, surgery optimization (PreHab) and recovery (PreHab).

PeerWell enables real-time action

Patient Insights

Real-time clincial alerts

Patient-specific interventions

Powered by advanced analytics

Easy Integration

Dashboard monitoring

Workflow optimization

Full team training

Member Engagement

Proven adoption and adherence

Daily reminders

High patient satisfaction rating

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