Shoulder recovery, fully loaded

Daily digital PreHab & ReHab backed by SMART Motion™ Technology.
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10-15 minutes of daily, evidence-based surgery optimization and recovery.The highest-impact lessons and exercises are bite-sized and interactive.

A multi-phased, guided recovery program.Shoulder recovery is complex and nonlinear. PeerWell’s Shoulder PreHab & ReHab is customized to the patient’s injury type, severity, and recovery pace.

A holistic approach to healing.Based on the “Five Pillars of Health”, PeerWell’s daily PreHab and ReHab covers.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.The complete program is accessible from devices the patient already owns—cell phone, tablet, or computer. No special hardware or add-ons, ever.

Dynamic, custom shoulder recovery.Whether the tear and repair are partial, medium/ large, or massive, PeerWell supports the 3 different surgery types and precautions.

SMART Motion™ Technology.PeerWell’s powerful technology is built into the app, with no extra tech required. For the first time, patients can measure their shoulder range of motion (ROM) with the in-app goniometer tool, and quantify shoulder movement with our Pendulum Exercise Tool.

In the US more than $190B is spent each year on musculoskeletal conditions1. Shoulder injuries make up about twelve percent of that spend as each surgery costs close to $25k and is performed on close to 500,000 patients each year2. Even when patients do not need surgery, shoulder injury claims often exceed $20k3. With PeerWell's new PreHab and ReHab shoulder program you can help reduce the cost per claim and improve patient recovery time.

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Smart Motion™ technology

PeerWell's Smart Motion™ technology tracks the patient's range of motion and activity levels to measure progress and share alerts with care teams.

Built-in SMART Motion™ tools include:

Shoulder Range of Motion

Patients measure shoulder range of motion from home. Patients can improve shoulder adduction, abduction, flexion and extension accurately with just their smartphone or tablet.

Pendulum Exercise

The pendulum is regularly prescribed to exercise the shoulder safely. Patients are encouraged to perform the pendulum (Codman exercise) three times a day. Unique to PeerWell, sensors in the patient’s device quantify the pendulum movement, recording frequency and range of motion. The insightful data can be shared with care teams who can advance our knowledge of how patients may recover most efficiently.

Activity Level and Progress Tracking

PeerWell measures daily progress by encouraging movement and tracking motion. A patient’s activity levels and progress are shown against peers with similar musculoskeletal conditions.

With PeerWell, the most critical benefit is that patients become more active participants in their own recovery. I'd recommend PeerWell's shoulder PreHab and ReHab app-based program to better prepare the patient for their upcoming surgery thereby optimizing a safer, more timely recovery. PeerWell's digital health surgery optimization platform is the future and has truly revolutionized how we approach musculoskeletal surgery.

-Dr. Steve Wiesner, MD, Former Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job Medical Director for Workers' Compensation

Our New Shoulder Program + “Unified Care” Are 100% Compatible

Unified Care connects distributed care teams with patient data to offer “just in time interventions”. The data collected from the patient’s engagement with SMART Motion™ technology means greater monitoring, informative advisories, and dynamic care back to the patient.

How "Unified Care" works



Connect your existing technology and dashboard with "Unified Care"— no bulky tech or overhaul required.



Leverage real-time patient data to unite and unify dispersed care teams like physicians, adjustors or PTs.


Take action

Offer “Just in Time Interventions” to patients and deliver more efficient, cost-effective and connected care.

PeerWell’s shoulder program is the most comprehensive, evidence-based solution in the market. For patients, it’s interactive and engaging, but from a clinical perspective it methodically shares all of the various elements that go into a complete recovery. Patients that engage with preoperative education and ReHab after surgery may enjoy a faster and fuller recovery.

-Dr. Rupali Soeters, PT, MEd, PhD

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