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PeerWell has been used by thousands of patients to treat musculoskeletal pain and immobility from home. From surgery avoidance to procedure preparation and recovery, PeerWell’s evidence-based programs are trusted by leading health systems, Fortune 100 employers, and the nation’s largest TPA’s and insurers. 

Guided Recovery. Incredible Results.

PeerWell connects care teams and patients, while offering the most efficient care reducing costs. 

replacement outpatient pt

Required No Outpatient PT Sessions

Hospital Stay

Reduced Length of Facility Stay

pain management

Agree PeerWell Helped with Pain Management

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User Spotlights

Physician Hip Replacement

How would a physician prepare for their own hip replacement?

Your time is now. Or is it? When is the right time for your joint replacement?

Hip Replacement Story

Independent 46-year-old tackles hip replacement head-on

Get ready for you new, hip life. Here’s how to PreHab for hip replacement surgery the right way.

knee replacement story

I had a knee replacement a week ago. Here's what it's really like

Win at life (or at least at knee replacement surgery) with PreHab. Learn How.

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