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We’re proud to have worked with some of the best clinician groups, health systems, and payers in the country. Check out these leading groups, organizations and businesses who trust PeerWell with their patients.

“PeerWell helps patients get healthy before they go in for surgery- this is a really critical part of making the bundled payments and CJR work better.”

– Charlene Frizzera, President of CF Health Advisors (former COO of Centre for Medicare and Medicaid)

Dr. John Tiberi

“When I first started using this application, I had a lot of thoughts about whether it would be prohibitive for patients who may not be as familiar with technology, particularly with my patient population – elective hip and knee replacement tends to be older people. But I’ve run into almost no instances of that.”


“In the face of surgery, we’re not always rational. We can begin to catastrophize. For me that was the best part of PeerWell – the whole mental health and guided meditations aspects of it.”

Dr. Eric Lederhaus

“Peerwell is a fantastic resource for my patients going through total hip and knee replacements. Educationally sound, informative, and a great platform for social support; this app will inevitably help speed up the recovery process and make the patient’s experience much less stressful.”


“It was the accountability of the program—knowing that I had to do exercises by the end of the day—that I always made sure I fit them in. I was diligent in PreHab and this has helped with my recovery.”

Dr. Chabner

“Figuring out how to empower patients with knowledge by creating preparatory guides, manuals, and videos, takes a long time. If someone else has put this together and it applies to your patients, why wouldn’t you give it to them? People are inherently curious, so give them as much as they can do ahead of time.”


“One thing that stood out in my head in the PeerWell program was the card about packing your bag for the hospital. Up until that point I hadn’t really thought about it. That information was a golden nugget, bonus!”

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