PeerWell for Patients

PeerWell helps you reduce pain & stress, increase mobility, and live a more full life. We support you through your whole journey to musculoskeletal recovery.

What is PeerWell? 

Accessible Treatment

Daily Programming

10-15 minutes of daily recovery tidbits delivered right to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

pain recovery tasks

Virtual Treatment

for your condition provided by multi-speciality experts, like physical and psychological therapists, and dietitians.

Customized Programs

Engaging Care Technology

that offers cutting-edge, built-in tools to track your progress and recovery journey.

“I continue to be impressed with the apps thoroughness and holistic approach. I’m doing really well in my recovery and I have PeerWell to share in that victory.”—PeerWell Patient

A Full Recovery Based on Our Five Pillars of Health



Get recipes, tips, and education on the nutrients needed to boost your recovery.

pain and wellness

Pain & Wellness

Opioid-free pain management techniques are offered daily. Our programs aim to reduce stress, pain & anxiety.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

On-demand Digital PT exercises are customized for your injury type, procedure, and pace of recovery.  

life management

Life Management

AI safety tools, checklists, and tips support your peace of mind during the total recovery journey.

Health Literacy

Health Literacy

Digestible daily tidbits offer a deeper understanding of your pain, injury/ condition, and recovery. 

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