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Supporting you through your whole journey to recovery.

PeerWell is a complete solution that helps you reduce pain, increase mobility and live a more full life.

What is PeerWell?

10-15 minutes

of daily bite-sized tasks for you.


on the device you already own.


programs for your faster recovery.

PeerWell's "Five Pillars of Health" helps you with...

Physical therapy

Improve strength & mobility to get you back to “you”.


Eat better to kickstart recovery.

Health literacy

Know what to expect with your condition.

Pain & wellness

Control pain while reducing stress & anxiety.

Life management

Prepare for everything life throws at you during recovery.

A Glimpse of PeerWell

What people like you are saying

"I continue to be impressed with the apps thoroughness and holistic approach. I’m doing really well in my recovery and I have PeerWell to share in that victory."

"Each day I check for my PeerWell things to do with eagerness. By watching and doing the video exercises, I am walking better on my surgical knee...I feel this is an awesome program and look forward to what is expected of me every day."

"I just want to be in the absolute best shape I can be before the surgery. I’m in a lot of pain and physically, I can’t do very much at all. I can do the exercises in the PeerWell app and it makes me feel like I’m keeping myself as strong as possible."

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