Five Pillars of Health

Offer a complete, biopsychosocial musculoskeletal program covering: Nutrition, Pain & Wellness, Physical Therapy, Life Management, and Health Literacy.

Evidence-Based Programs Built on the Five Pillars of Health



Food is medicine. We deliver recipes, tips, and education on the nutrients needed to boost MSK recovery.

pain and wellness

Pain & Wellness

Opioid-free pain management techniques are offered daily. Our programs reduce stress, pain & anxiety.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

On-demand Digital PT exercises are customized for injury type, procedure, and recovery speed.  

life management

Life Management

AI safety tools, checklists, and tips support peace of mind during the end-to-end MSK journey.

Health Literacy

Health Literacy

Digestible educational tidbits offer a deeper understanding of MSK pain, injury, and recovery. 

PeerWell MSK Care Pathways reflect our Five Pillars of Health. Learn more about how we eliminate fragmented care for musculoskeletal conditions.

PeerWell Evidence Based Programs

Collect Key Biopsychosocial Data 

PeerWell’s SMART™ Motion technology, motion sensors, embedded psychological assessments, and AI safety tools enable a whole person approach to MSK care. Engagement with Five Pillar content offers high-impact treatments and care based on these individualized insights.

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