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Control costs, avoid surgery, and replace outpatient physical therapy with PeerWell’s whole person musculoskeletal solution.

Why PeerWell?

user-friendly programs


Patients with evidence-based care and user-friendly programs to improve patient satisfaction.

enterprise tools


Health outcomes with Whole Person, connected care based on our Five Pillars of Health. 

transformative technology


 Patient progress with transformative technology and real-time data.

1 in 2 Americans suffer from a musculoskeletal condition resulting in $213 Billion annual spend in treatment and lost wages.1

PeerWell Digital Health Programs

Offer Coordinated MSK Care with PeerWell Health

PeerWell’s suite of solutions address the full continuum of care for complete musculoskeletal recovery—from pain through complex surgery. PeerWell’s complete, evidence-based, digital programs cover: Pain Management, Conservative Care, and Surgery Optimization.

What Others Are Saying


“PeerWell serves our patients and Medicare, and is setting a precedent for how we approach musculoskeletal health and other chronic conditions in this country.”—Dr. Sanjay Patel, CEO of Golden State Medicare Health Plan.


Delivering care to patients who are invested in their health is so refreshing. I truly believe that patients who invest their time into PreHab are better prepared in pre-op meetings, on the day of surgery, and have an easier recovery.— Dr. Nima Mehran, Orthopedic Surgeon

Guide Your Patients to a Complete Musculoskeletal Recovery

pain injury prevention

Pain Management

Intervene at the moment the patient experiences pain to avoid exacerbating or causing further injury.

conservative care

Conservative Care

Avoid unnecessary surgery with daily support and whole person care based on the Five Pillars of Health.


Surgery Optimization

Optimize the member’s health, lower risk, and offer complete mental, physical and logistical support for surgery and recovery.

1. “One in two Americans have a musculoskeletal condition”, ScienceDaily,

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