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Introducing the SMART Motion™ Coach!

Our NEW Coach acts just like a real coach—guiding patients through better, safer movement from home.

How Does the Coach Work?

Built right into the PeerWell app, all patients have to do is get into camera frame, and begin their guided routine! The Coach offers real-time feedback on exercise quality (just like—you guessed it—a real coach would!).

PeerWell App Exercise

Open the PeerWell app and get started

Built into the app, the Coach is ready to help patients exercise. The patient simply opens their exercise plan, positions themselves in front of their camera, and follows instruction.


Exercise better with guidance from the Coach

Once patient’s know what to do and get into frame, the Coach is there to offer feedback. Patients can adjust for better movement and conformance. No counting or tracking required!

Track progress and improve faster!

The coach automatically tracks the patient’s progress. Patients have a clearer understanding of their recovery and get the most out their prescribed at-home exercises.


  • No expensive equipment, membership fees, or hardware add-ons. 
  • Built right into the PeerWell app, accessible with any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
  • The AI Coach tells you what to do and provides voice guidance and real time feedback on exercise quality.
  • Progress-tracking to capture improvement.
  • Records and assesses patient exercise compliance.
  • Dynamic programming for each individual’s pain, condition, and level of activity.

"With the PeerWell Coach, I am ensured that my patients are performing their exercises correctly. I can even track their progress remotely!" — Dr. Britni Keitz, Physical Therapist (PT)

Get started with our app!

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