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Leading care powered by SMART Motion™ technology

Daily whole person programs delivered to your smartphone. Built-in tools capture data, measure progress, and share clinical alerts via our provider interface to telehealth enabled, multi-specialty care teams.


Whole person care with PeerWell technology

knee range of motion

SMART™ Motion technology

Measure joint range of motion via AI and motion sensors. Improve patient range of motion. PeerWell’s technology measures patient range of motion just as accurately as an in-person visit.

shoulder range of motion

Daily programs from our 5 pillars of health

We deliver individualized, evidence-based programs right to your smartphone. Each day you will recieve 10 – 15 minutes of activities that contain progress tracking, data collection, and multi-media content.

walk test

Data-driven care coordination

The patients entire care team can collaborate on the care of the patient.  All care team members have access to PeerWell’s provider dashboard where all information about the patient’s progress is available.

msk progress tracking

Activity & Progress Tracking

Measure daily progress with real-time engagement data and assessments. Benchmarks and clinical alerts allow care teams to monitor and adjust the patient’s care plan.

1 in 2 Americans suffer from a musculoskeletal condition resulting in $213 Billion annual spend in treatment and lost wages.1

real-time health data

Simple & accessible

Large font sizes, colorful graphics, and interactive videos offer a seamless user experience. Our patient-facing programs are written accessibly for all ages and audiences. PeerWell’s multi-media content is available on smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Advancing musculoskeletal care

easy integration

Patient insights

Real-time clincial alerts

Patient-specific interventions

Powered by advanced analytics

patient insights

Easy adoption

Dashboard monitoring

Workflow optimization

Full team training

member engagement

Patient engagement

Proven adoption and adherence

Daily reminders

High patient satisfaction rating

1. “One in two Americans have a musculoskeletal condition”, ScienceDaily,

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