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PeerWell's proprietary technology delivers the most efficient and effective musculoskeletal recovery. PeerWell offers a dynamic, evidence-based virtual recovery to patients while arming distributed care teams with powerful data.

Customized, Digital Musculoskeletal Programs

Helping people recover faster with devices they already own, safely from home.

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PeerWell’s daily virtual programs cover 20+ musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, as well as chronic pain and osteoarthritis.

A 10-15 minute daily program that is dynamic and customized to the individual patient.

Built-in tools like Trip & Fall Hazard Detection and SMART Motion™ Technology.

Accessible, anytime from home via the patient’s cell phone, tablet, or computer.

No extra wearable tech required. Ever.

What Medical Conditions / Surgeries Are Covered?

PeerWell currently offers surgery optimization (PreHab), surgery recovery (ReHab) and surgery avoidance for the following musculoskeletal procedures:


Biceps repair

Biceps tenodesis

Rotator cuff repair



Chronic pain

Discectomy (cervical/lumbar)

Laminectomy (cervical/lumbar)

Spinal fusion (cervical/lumbar)


ACL reconstruction


Total hip replacement

Total knee replacement


General surgery

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Smart Motion™ technology

Built-in tools track the patient's range of motion and activity levels to measure progress and share alerts with care teams.

Built-in SMART Motion™ tools include:

  • Knee Range of Motion Tool

    Patients measure knee flexion and extension at home with the device they already own. Recorded ROM measures are accurate within 1-3 degrees of an in-person assessment with a physical therapist.

  • Shoulder Range of Motion Tool

    Patients measure shoulder range of motion from home. Patients can improve shoulder adduction, abduction, flexion and extension accurately with just their smartphone or tablet.

  • 6 Minute Walk Test

    This standardized test is used to measure movement and is built into the PeerWell program. Steps and distance covered are recorded and progress is automatically tracked and reported.

  • Activity Level and Progress Tracking

    PeerWell measures daily progress by encouraging movement and tracking motion. A patient’s activity levels and progress are shown against peers with similar musculoskeletal conditions.

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Trip and fall hazard detector

Trip and fall risks are flagged inside a patient's home using PeerWell’s AI technology.

A leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults, and a primary source of complications and readmissions after surgery are from trips and falls. Accidental falls (that could easily be avoided) result in $31 billion in annual Medicare costs.

How it works

  1. Using just a smartphone camera or tablet, patients scan their home.
  2. PeerWell’s Trip & Fall Hazard Detector identifies a hazard and issues a real-time alert over the video display.
  3. PeerWell’s Trip and Fall Hazard Detector assigns a patients’ homes a risk score that’s shared with care providers. Care teams can allocate in-home occupational therapy visits and inform discharge planning.

Unified Care

Connecting distributed care teams with patient data to offer “just in time interventions”.

Easy integration and workflow optimization—plug into your current EMR system.

Unified “Connected Care” between all of the injured workers’ medical stakeholders.

Real-time medical advisories and notifications to the dashboard from the patient’s data.

Functional movement assessments enabled by SMART Motion™ technology.

Easy dashboard monitoring and sharing of patient activity and recovery progress.

The ability for care teams to make dynamic “Just-in-Time Interventions” based off of the patient’s captured and reported data.

How "Unified Care" works



Connect your existing technology and dashboard with "Unified Care"— no bulky tech or overhaul required.



Leverage real-time patient data to unite and unify dispersed care teams like physicians, adjustors or PTs.


Take action

Offer “Just in Time Interventions” to patients and deliver more efficient, cost-effective and connected care.

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