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PeerWell for Workers’ Compensation Third-Party Administrators

Third-party administrators (TPAs) armed with PeerWell’s leading surgery optimization technology win more and do more for injured workers. With PeerWell, TPAs are given the tools to close cases faster, improve return to work times, save money, and differentiate services from competitors.

PeerWell will exceed your organization’s workers’ compensation claims and short-term disability goals—it’s what we do, time and time again.

Key Stats at a Glance

PeerWell is proven to help third-party administrators specializing in workers’ comp and short-term disability exceed their loftiest goals.


Medical paid after surgery


Indemnity paid after surgery


TTD paid after surgery


PT paid after surgery


Pharmacy paid after surgery


Temporary disability days


Patients return to full work duty


Faster return to full work duty

PeerWell Exceeds TPAs' Toughest Targets...

Faster Return to Work

Reduce lost claims times and improve employee return-to-work when your workers’ compensation beneficiaries are activated. Injured workers’ comp claimants facing musculoskeletal surgery are guided toward a safer, faster recovery. Workers that use PeerWell have a 57% faster return to work at full duty.

Close Claims Quickly

Open claims are costly. Close claims quickly when injured workers are properly supported and guided throughout surgery preparation and recovery. PeerWell’s surgery optimization, avoidance, and recovery programs support a complete recovery, and are proven to get employees back to full duty, faster. With PeerWell, TPA’s have seen an average of 18% more employees return to work at full duty.

Reduce Medical Utilization

TPA’s that use PeerWell have seen a 45% drop in average medical costs associated with injured workers facing hip or knee replacement surgery. PeerWell treats the whole patient throughout the entire patient journey and is centered around the five pillars of health (Physical Therapy, Pain & Anxiety, Nutrition, Literacy, and Environment). This means injured workers’ require less physical therapy and pharmacy (an average of 63% less), and have significantly reduced post-acute costs.

Cut Claim Expenses

Your frontline case managers, claims adjusters and examiners, will benefit from PeerWell’s digital surgery optimization technology. By guiding injured workers’ through challenging episodes, offering risk data, built-in reporting, and accurate return-to-work prediction, there’s less heavy-lifting. Claim expenses are reduced when less time is spent on open claims and complications are minimized.

How PeerWell helps employers

PeerWell is a total game-changer. Not only has it reduced the care costs of claims, but it has given people support and superior care throughout challenging episodes. PeerWell is a must for employers, large and small,"

-Dr. Teresa Bartlett, Senior Medical Officer at Sedgwick

How PeerWell Works


Call, Contract and Customize

We work directly with some of the world’s largest third party administrators to determine how PeerWell’s surgery optimization and avoidance programs will best meet key goals. We tailor our digital programs to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Implement and Onboard

Your frontline team, case managers, or surgery nurse services department will learn the ropes of PeerWell in minutes. Our support team continues to work alongside yours to answer any questions, make adjustments and process feature requests.


Support and Monitor Your Patients!

Watch workers’ comp beneficiaries or short-term disability employees significantly impact their own outcomes. Better monitoring, clearer risk identification, continued support, and data collection are made easy with PeerWell’s automated system. Better patients meet bigger goals!

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