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PeerWell Unified Care: Connecting Care Teams to Drive Real-Time Action

Introducing Consumer-Driven Virtual Care with “Just in Time” Interventions for Injured Workers.

PeerWell Unified Care collects patient data, uniting and unifying dispersed care teams. In real-time, PeerWell provides meaningful data, notifications, and advisories to the injured worker’s frontline—paving the way for “just in time interventions”. When care teams are on the same page, patients receive the most efficient, custom, and timely connected care experiences. PeerWell Unified Care is integrated into the system you already use, enabling a seamless connected care experience between the patient and their entire care team.

“PeerWell Unified Care” APIs offer:

Easy integration and workflow optimization—plug into your current EMR system.

Unified “Connected Care” between all of the injured workers’ medical stakeholders.

Real-time medical advisories and notifications to the dashboard from the patient’s data.

Functional movement assessments enabled by SMART Motion™ technology.

Easy dashboard monitoring and sharing of patient activity and recovery progress.

The ability for care teams to make dynamic “Just-in-Time Interventions” based off of the patient’s captured and reported data.

How "Unified Care" works



Connect your existing technology and dashboard with "Unified Care"— no bulky tech or overhaul required.



Leverage real-time patient data to unite and unify dispersed care teams like physicians, adjustors or PTs.


Take action

Offer “Just in Time Interventions” to patients and deliver more efficient, cost-effective and connected care.

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