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Let’s talk about your knee pain, today.

Treat your pain with telehealth doctor visits, physical therapy & a digital recovery program.


How does PeerWell Health work?

 * Available to residents of California only.

Meet 1:1 with top Doctors

Access top doctors across the country—from primary care and physical therapy through to leading specialists. All doctor visits are virtual, from home.


Complete a daily program

From the device you already own, you will receive a daily plan designed to reduce your knee pain based on: nutrition, pain & wellness, physical activity, life management, & health literacy.

Recover faster & stay better

With your multi-specialty care team working together and a daily digital recovery program, you get total support and a complete recovery. 

Fast forward to better

If you’ve living with knee pain, immobility, or require knee replacement surgery, you know first-hand how difficult getting great care can be. Being your own advocate while contending with pain can feel like a full-time job.

With PeerWell Health, all of the best practices, top specialty doctors, and recovery tools to treat your condition are available to you, all in one place. You will have access to live doctor visits with specialists in pain management, physical therapy, nutrition, and mental health. In addition to a full healthcare practice of clinicians supporting, you will also receive weekly physical therapy, plus a dedicated care coordinator. All of your live doctor visits are supplemented with PeerWell’s at-home digital recovery program, Knee PreHab & Knee ReHab.


As a PeerWell Health patient, you’ll access:

  • Live doctor visits
  • Weekly Physical Therapy sessions
  • Dedicated Care Coordinator to support you
  • Access to multi-specialty virtual care visits
  • Daily guided exercises, mindfulness, and education about your knee pain or knee replacement surgery via your smartphone or tablet

Ready to get better?

Located in California? Call us to speak with our specialists and schedule your first virtual physical therapy visit!

Not sure if PeerWell is right for you, or just have a question?  Email our support team to learn more.

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