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Injured Workers Return to Work Faster

Workers’ compensation employees that use PeerWell get back to work faster. With daily digital guidance through PeerWell’s complete musculoskeletal program, employees are steered toward a safer, speedier recovery. Whether your workers’ compensation employees are facing a complex orthopedic surgery, working through injury, have chronic pain, or are at risk of reinjury, PeerWell is a proven surgery optimization and avoidance platform.

Influence & Predict Return-to-Work Times

PeerWell helps to control indirect costs associated with an injured worker. Reduce the impact of work stoppage, loss of productivity, and hiring and training new employees, when you can accurately predict your employees return to work.

How PeerWell helps employers

PeerWell is a total game-changer. Not only has it reduced the care costs of claims, but it has given people support and superior care throughout challenging episodes. PeerWell is a must for employers, large and small,"

-Dr. Teresa Bartlett, Senior Medical Officer at Sedgwick

How PeerWell helps clinicians

With PeerWell, our patients are armed with the best tools for the most efficient care. We’ve seen outcomes improve which impacts the entire network- from patients to payers. With daily digital guidance and monitoring, our musculoskeletal patients receive care tailored to their progress and their needs, which can optimize recovery.

-Dr. David Jacofsky - Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo)

How PeerWell helps payers

We’re proud to offer such an impactful and innovative digital health program to our members. PeerWell serves our patients and Medicare, and is setting a precedent for how we approach musculoskeletal health and other chronic conditions in this country.

-Dr. Sanjay Patil, CEO of Golden State Medicare Health Plan

How to Work with PeerWell

PeerWell is a daily, at-home program that guides patients through painful flare-ups, musculoskeletal surgery prep, and recovery. When patients are activated and empowered, you achieve greater outcomes and controlled costs.


Call, Contract and Customize

We work directly with workers’ compensation insurers, Medicare Advantage programs, payers, administrators, and providers to determine how PeerWell’s surgery optimization and avoidance programs can meet key organization goals. We tailor our digital program to your patient population to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Implement and Onboard

Your frontline case managers, nurses, and other staff members will learn the ropes of PeerWell in minutes. A member of our training team will teach key processes— like how to add patients, and how to monitor progress and risk in the dashboard. Our support team continues to work alongside yours to answer any questions, make adjustments and process feature requests.


Support and Monitor Your Patients!

Your team, armed with PeerWell, will watch patients significantly impact their own outcomes. Better monitoring, clearer risk identification, continued support, and data collection are made easy with PeerWell’s automated system. Better patients meet bigger goals!

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